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My musical career started since I was 6.

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I began studying piano, theory of music, history of music fromwhen I  was matriculated in  one of the most prestigious and educative National Schools of Music from Republic of Moldova, called "Ciprian Porumbescu".

At the age of  17,in high-schoolwhile my continuation in the piano studying course,I began to take vocal lessons. In the same time, I am still impassioned by painting, the art of visage and dance.

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So, in the same year I began to take lessons of painting. Then, after I graduated from the Fine Arts school, at the age of 19 I began to take courses of artistic visage.

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Câștigurile pe internet yuez investiții these years, from the moment I started my studies in music, I have achieved a lot of experience playing and singing in concerts, competitions and  festivals. The results of the  6 years of ballet lessons and the experience for over 14 years in the world of Ballroom Dances  brought to me remarkable accomplishments in the dance sport competitions in Moldova and abroad: 1.

My students in the competitions always reached the finale and high marks from the Judges, and many  times they were awarded with top places of 2-nd and 1-st.

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In the same time, me and my new dance partner Philip, have done competitions and shows in USA. Working hard on my own career, my growth as a professional dancer and singer. I also do acting and modeling. Studies and career I began studying music when I was 6, at speciality of piano.

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I have graduated the High-School at the speciality of piano, to step  farther in The National Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Artsat the faculty of jazz, at the speciality of vocal and piano. I have been in many televised shows and interviews related to my dancing and my singing career, nationally and also in the countries I have competed.

I also have been in many interview shows.

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I participated at many broadcasted nationally and internationally contests for singers and composers, where I won special awards and at some of them I won top places. Some of these contests are: 1.