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Citește mai multe despre Lufthansa Pro: "Young crew, with positive attitude and very kind and helpful. Had to pick up luggage from connecting city and re check them the next day. Seat tray was crooked in the plane. Food also was not as good as previous Lufthansa fare. Comfy seats and armrests," Pro: "everything from the no man s sky fast money 2022 and check-in process to in flight comfort.

Not enough sitting space. Also my luggage was left behind in Munich. Entertainment selections were more than adequate. Even the babies were quiet!!! Plane was late boarding but made up most of the time. Had to go through security a second time even though it was a connecting flight. Luggage got crushed in a carousel pile-up and took a long time to come out. Going down on escalator was difficult for profitabilitatea stilurilor de tranzacționare. On time, and best quality" Pro: "Food is provided" Contra: "Delayed 6 hours on the plane" Pro: "Good crew, liked the food and service.

Better aircraft interior. Ground crew needs no man s sky fast money 2022 training in being proactive, assertive, communicate better with tired passengers who have had to wait for 5hours in the very staid, and outdated Frankfort airport. Same problems with the headsets. Space between seats very tight, very uncomfortable.

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Music sound poor" Contra: "Couldn't reserve a seat, even 24 hours in advance because web checkin was turned off. Ended up in the middle of the middle on both directions.

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Seemed unexperienced and stressed out. Bad vibe from the crew in general. They charged me extra on my fly back to US" Contra: "Very much everything" Pro: "the crew was courteous, attentive, accommodating. The system for getting food was unclear. After people had just been in a crowd, they attempted to have people love up, which was futile. The snack option wasn't to my liking and may have been the cause of a stomachache later. More snack options would be nice. I will recommend their service to all our friends.

Thank you for making this travel time wonderful!!!!! Vassilka" Contra: "I have not even had this trip because the Lufthansa denied my boarding and canceled and rest of the trip" Pro: "After 4 hours of sitting on Tarmac and in lounge, they finally told us that the flight was cancelled. Better no man s sky fast money 2022 than sorry.

Hotel, dinner Having to re check in at midnight after the airport ordeal. Mixed messages about check in, baggage location, people all showing up at once this morning to check in, having not been able to print boarding passes.

And everything wrong that can happen happened Hate you Lufthansanever coming back" Pro: "I missed my flight in FCOItaly, while the Lufthansa staff at the checking desk calling and checking about my booking they told me I don't have a booking.

I had all the booking doc and every thing they need on my hand and on my phone from the e-mail.

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They told me my booking is cancelled and I have to buy another ticket. When I asked why my booking cancelled and who cancelled it. They don't know. No man s sky fast money 2022 blood pressure was raising.

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I felt like they were telling me go away we don't want you to flight with us. I wish I had an option to fly with another airline with in the next 3 hrs coz I napoli lucrează acasă to fly with in that period of time. Otherwise all my plans on the other end was about to get messed up. Unfortunately it was only Lufthansa airline flying with in the next 3 hrs.

So I was forced to buy another ticket and fly. My original ticket was a round trip from Oslo to room via Frankfurt stop over in Room and then go to Frankfurt stop over in Frankfurt and then back to Oslo. It's ridiculous. The good service and name Lufthansa use to have is now becoming only a history. Crew were friendly and helpful.

The service is impeccable, good food, great entertainment and as comfortable as international flights can be in economy class.

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Decent legroom. Crew pleasant. Food was very good especially for a very short flight. With this you can only carry on 18 pounds and must check and PAY to check any other bag. I looked at my reservation from Vaysms and did not see notice of this. Also trying to buy the option for the bag on phone was difficult. Whole page with options would not show and getting English version was difficult probably because page would not fit on screen.

The decor calming, great seats. Staff very attentive, polite and always smiling.

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They exuded a joyful atmosphere and seemed like never sat down! This was the third leg of our long trip and they made it so enjoyable. That is a lot as a passenger is quite tired and possibly irritable by this time. This was an Austrian Airline flight and we were really blown away.

I also give kudos to management for having staff that is so efficient, hardworking and yet so joyful! No problems. Used a different company to schedule my return flight and having trouble with them.

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Wish I'd stuck with Kayak! The gate agent showed up late so it was a hassle to get to the counter and find out where I was sitting. Then there was a long backup on the gang way, and we still couldn't get on the plane. We were delayed sitting on the tarmac no man s sky fast money 2022 an extra hour, the crew could have given us drinks or snacks then.

They demanded I remove my smaller carry- on so someone with a huge carry-on could use the overhead space.

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United just needs to count the bags and demand the overage be checked. The flight crew were very efficient. Terminal 2 is great at Sky Harbor. Very happy with that experience for short haul flight. Enjoyed the service. Flight attendant checked on me multiple times and offered beverages.

We almost missed our connection to Zurich. They sat in front of us. From Houston to Baton Rouge - attendant was too slow. No notice. No apology. Entertainment screen not as good as SAS" Contra: "Horrible customer service" Contra: "The flight was nevoie de bani unde să câștigi sevrice was well appreciated" Pro: "It was the ride of a lifetime the crew did something Unfathomable the flight wasn't delayed 75 minutes they actually left before their designated time which I Thought was just astonishing flight attendants were The pinnicale of what an employee of united Should be.

Thanks for getting back right before 6" Contra: "There was a delay in boarding then another delay in getting off the ground because of stand bys getting on and off. Turbulence was bad and there was no announcement for it. Just a long bad flight! Lots of crying kids and babies!! I'll never fly them again. United has brought back the pleasure of flying coast to coast. It would be nice to receive a box lunch or snack, more than just a minunt size bag of trail mix.

We do pay a lot of money for these flights. Feed us more than a snack please. Ok that's my no man s sky fast money 2022 off my chest. Each terminal in our two-leg journey was modern, no man s sky fast money 2022 and simple to navigate. The flight and crew were outstanding; attentive and professional.

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Keep up the good work! We feel it is part of our best interest, as a country and world, to keep informed. Please allow for at least BBC to be viewed.

For Free. Thank You. As I stood in line and noticed all of the huge "carry on" bags more than 2 I was astounded when the flight attendant said my carry on would have to be loaded with the other luggage. When I offered my rebuke she scolded me and said the luggage would be there before me To make matter worse the flight "attendants" stopped serving half way and when they started again I got trapped by the bathroom and did not get back to my seat in time to enjoy a beverage My son is around 6' and was not very comfortable.

I could not reach my shoes to loosen my shoe laces. We found out when we arrived to our gate to board.

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So because we did not know about the delay until the time of boarding, we missed all other flights out because it was 8pm and no more flights could take us to our final destination. We did receive a hotel voucher but we had to pay for a taxi btcon sau câștiguri to the airport as well as we had to pay extra for our car that had been sitting in the airport garage overnight.

Not cool. Flight was on time and smooth. I had my seat picked and flight was not overly full. What is not to like? Flights were delayed, but they kept us informed an expedited turn around.

Also I had to change flights to get home and their phone-support was perfect. Hey, they even had a cookie on the last flight that was quite good - go figure!

While our plane was available for an on-time departure UAthe crew was inbound on one of the delayed flights UA United could have known as early as pm that wasn't going to make it on time to turn around the crew and would hold up as a result. Instead United didn't update passengers of until 20 minutes after it was obvious that it was delayed and 4.

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Maybe I'm missing something, would love for someone at United to explain it. Plane was full and seats very tight on A The return flight to Newark was no better.

Tight connection thru Houston. Many of no man s sky fast money 2022 had connecting flights, flight attendants should have announced that people who without connecting flights to remain in seats while those of us with connections deplanned.

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Seat did not recline" Contra: "I don't think I will be choosing to fly with United going forward. The staff at the desks were rude and very short. I had a layover in Chicago and did not receive any notification that my flight was cancelled due to maintenance.

I went to each desk to try and find an associate and no one was available to help the several individuals wondering how to get switched to a new flight.

All of us were just given a phone number to call. Once I found someone thy told me that there was no seats available on any of the flights. They found one seat on a plane that was going to laguardia instead of my destination of Newark and then proceeded to tell me that my bags will still go to Newark and it was my job to make sure I filed to get them.

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Same thing happened the last time I flew with United I'm very disappointed all together with how I was treated as a customer. I was told it was due to "weather issues", and that i'd more than likely miss my flight, and that there was nothing they could do about it. I ask the guy to print me some sort of itinerary to show my work, and it shows "mechanicall issues", not weather.

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Confirmed this with their website. I was told I'd probably be arriving in Seattle around AM.