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Early life[ edit ] Van der Stel was the eldest of six children of Simon van der Stel — and Johanna Jacoba Six —who were prominent members of the Dutch merchant class.

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His paternal grandfather had been the governor of Mauritiusand his grandmother a mestizo. His mother was related to Jan Sixwho was involved in the silk trade and a friend of Rembrandt. Willem Adriaan was fifteen when he went to opțiuni simon van Cape in Around opțiuni simon van, he returned to Holland where he married Maria de Haze, with whom he would have five children.

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Willem Adriaan van der Stel held the lordship of Nieuw and Oud-Vossemeer on the island of Tholenprobably through his wife. Inhe became an schepen of Amsterdam.

He did not return to the Cape until January when opțiuni simon van was appointed to succeed his father as Governor of the colony.

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He sent quite a few aloes to the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. He was the author of one of South Africa's earliest gardening almanacs.

The land was granted to him inand he spent much of the VOC resources on its development.

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Some 63 out of burghers signed the document and it was sent to the VOC headquarters in Amsterdam. The petition was at first rejected.

Because 31 of the signatories were Huguenotsand since the Netherlands was at war with Francethe failed petition continued to cause concern in Amsterdam. Fearing that the discontent might cause some burghers to become spies for the French, the VOC dismissed Van der Stel, and ordered his return to the Netherlands 23 April Subsequently, no VOC employees were allowed to own land in the colony.

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Although most sources agree that his rule at the Cape was authoritarian, beset by favouritism, and characterised by misuse of company assets, others claim that this was in no way unique to Van der Stel's tenure as governor.